Avayan’s Motion Control Book

I have always wanted to write a book on motion control, driving motors, motor topologies, motor drives, etc. You know, I could go and start writing an actual paper book and then ship it to a Publishing House. And if I were to be rather lucky, I could end up with a publication under my belt. That is how it was done centuries ago, and in a good bunch of cases, still is how it is done today.

Here is the deal! 17 years ago we started something called… Ohhh, what do we call it? Ah yes! The 21st century! Since I was a child, I (as well as pretty much everybody else my age) have been expecting the 21st century to be quite futuristic. And as we continue delving into the future, why write a book when I can write the 21st century counterpart? That is a blog-book. Or something like that…

And so, what I could probably do from now on is make the vast majority of subsequent posts in this forum something resembling a book chapter. We could converse on cool and intriguing stuff like:

  1. Motors
  2. “Driving A Motor” Basics
  3. DC Motors
  4. The Half H Bridge
  5. The H Bridge Power Stage
  6. Brushless DC Motors
  7. Tri Phase Inverters (Tri Phase BLDC Motor H Bridge)
  8. Six State Tri Phase Motor Commutation
  9. PWM Generation And Control
  10. Current VS Voltage
  11. Open Loop VS Closed Loop
  12. Hall Sensor Commutation
  13. Sensorless (BEMF) Commutation
  14. The PI Loop
  15. Speed Control
  16. Torque Control
  17. Position Control
  18. Writing Motion Control Profiles

How about you tell me what other motor related topics and goodies you would want us to get deeper into?

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