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Wheel Chair Based Robotics

For a while now, I have been trying to secure a few old wheel chairs to use as big robot platforms. At first I tried searching the Craigs List, but as it turns out there is nothing better than actually…

R2D2’s Last Walk

In the previous months, right after I took R2D2 out for a walk during Dallas TX 2009 Comic Con, I decided that the R2D2 project should have a big finale before I rendered the unit an ornament at my game…

Robo Games 2009

Last week I had to meet a customer in Orange County California. I decided that this was too close to San Francisco not to take advantage of this trip and take a detour into the 2009 Robo Games Experience, and…

A New Robotics Blog

Hi All, This is my blog to detail circuits related to robotic projects. I plan on writing detailed documentation on topics such as motion control, motor drives, robotic implementations and embedded systems. More to come soon!